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Labour & Welfare

Indo-Qatar Labour Agreement

India and Qatar signed a Labour agreement in 1985 with a view to regulate the flow of Indian workforce and to protect the basic interests of labourers from India and their Qatari employers. India was the first non Arab country to enter into a labour contract with Qatar.

According to the labour agreement the sponsors in Qatar are required to execute an employment contract as prescribed indicating, inter alia, salient features like wages and other benefits. The contract is first required to be attested by the Department of Labour in the Government of the State of Qatar and is then presented to the Indian Embassy for further attestation. On the basis of such attested contract the sponsor can either arrange recruitment of manpower through the Government of India or its agent or an agent registered with the Government of India or directly from the market.

In the event of dispute between the employee and the sponsor or in the event of the breach of employment contract, the Department of Labour, Government of the State of Qatar intervene and adjudicate, failing which the case is referred to the Labour Court for a decision.

As envisaged in the Agreement the First Joint Committee was held in Doha in 1988 and the second meeting of the Committee would be held soon in New Delhi.

The Indo-Qatar Labour agreement does not cover drivers, cooks, houseboys and housemaids. It is in the interest of these categories of workers to check with this Embassy the bona fides of the prospective sponsor before they proceed to Doha on employment. They also need to sign the employment contract duly attested by the Qatari Labour Department and Indian Embassy in Doha before their travel to Doha. Embassy will not be able to protect effectively the interest of the nationals who travel to Doha for employment with out employment contract and other proper documents.

Proposed Wages for Workers

Category Approx. Wages
Labourers/Unskilled Workers/Housemaids: QR 550 - 850/-
Semi-Skilled workers QR 700-1200/-
Skilled Workers QR 850-1500/-
Foremen/Supervisors QR 1300-2200/-
Drivers QR 800-1250/-
Clerk and Salesman QR 1200-1800/-
Steno-Secretary QR 1600-2400/-
Engineers QR 2400-4000/-

Do's and Don' ts

  • You can be arrested if you do not carry your Iqama(Residence Permit) at all public places.
  • Qatar Government does not allow changes of sponsor and on the termination of your contract, even if it is premature, you must leave the country.
  • People seeking employment in Qatar must sign the employment contract in the prescribed format before their travel abroad.
  • Non-payment or delayed payament of wages must be reported to the Embassy immediately.
  • All cases of death and birth should be registered with the Embassy without delay


Indian Community Benevolent Fund
PO Box 2788 DOHA (QATAR)

The Indian Community Benevolent Fund is a voluntary organization set up to ameliorate the sufferings of unfortunate Indians who fall victims to circumstances beyond their control. Established in 1988 by some of the prominent and well-to-do members of the Indian community under the umbrella of the Embassy, the Fund has been administered and run by the Community. It provides relief and financial assistance in appropriate cases to the deserving Indians in distress including but not limited to the following:

  1. Financial assistance towards medical expenses of persons suffering from a life threatening disease or permanent disability.
  2. Financial assistance to the dependants of poor Indian nationals who die in Qatar.
  3. Provide succour and relief to the victims of unnatural deaths or natural or man-made calamities.
  4. Financial assistance in certain deserving cases of deportation and for disposal/transportation of bodies of deceased Indian nationals.
  5. Emergency assistance in the form of cash, food, transportation, clothing and items of basic necessities.
  6. Assistance in such other circumstances and subject to such terms as the members may decide from time to time.

The Fund has provided assistance to over 1700 Indian nationals to the tune of QR 500,000/- and plans to broaden the spectrum of the activities to provide legal assistance to the unfortunate Indians who fall victim to circumstances beyond their control.

The membership of the Fund is open to all Indians.

Office Bearers of ICBF

Ambassador of India Patron
Mr. Sibi George Ex-officio Chief Coordinator
Managing Committe
Mr. M. David John
Dr. Abrahamkollamana
Mr. A.P. Singh
Mr. V.K. Chowdhry
Mr. T.S.B. Basha
Mr. N.V. Kader
Mr. A.K. Usman
Mr. M.C. Mohammed
Vice President
General Secretary
Advisory Member
Advisory Member
Advisory Member
Advisory Member
Medical Assistance Committee
Dr. V.K. Mohanan
Mr. Vinod Chopra
Mr. K.V. Abdulla Kutty
Medical Advisor

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